Doc McStuffins surprises kids at Inova Children's Hospital

Doc McStuffins surprises kids at Inova Children's Hospital. (ABC7)

An extra special "Doc" popped in to visit kids at Inova Children’s Hospital in Falls Church on Friday.

“She was very excited about the thought of coming in and seeing Doc McStuffins!” said Leigh Burke, holding her daughter Shannon.

“We both looked at each other and said, ‘Doc McStuffins? We love her!’ Because we watch her on television, so we said, ‘Oh! We’re going to be right there!’” said Elaina White, a mother of three. Her son, Devin, arrived at the hospital on Friday.

When a character like Disney’s Doc McStuffins gets to bring a smile to the kids’ faces, even if just for a moment, the parents say it makes all the difference.

“Seeing that where they get to light up and, you know, have that moment is really, makes it that much better and easier to deal with,” Burke said.

“We’re using Doc McStuffins all the time as a way to relate to kids and to try to make medical play experiences more meaningful to them,” child life specialist Nicole Johnson sai.

Having Doc McStuffins visit the hospital made it that much more meaningful.

“It just makes the hospital stay that much better,” Burke said of periodic visits from characters to the hospital.

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