Despite massive storm, organizers gathered for annual 'March for Life' event

Despite a massive storm brewing, organizers still gathered for the annual 'March for Life' event in D.C. (ABC7).

WASHINGTON (ABC7) -- Despite a massive storm brewing, organizers for the annual "March for Life," an anti-abortion protest, did not cancel any of their planned events Friday.

Tens of thousands of supporters from across the country gathered on the National Mall at noon for the 43rd annual March for Life event, marking the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision on abortion rights.

The supporters marched from the Washington Monument to the Supreme Court.

While the forecast showed a blizzard on the way, organizers said they've held this event in rain, sleet and snow, and this year would be no different.

Speakers at today's event included Iowa Senator Joni Ernst and Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

In the crowd, ABC7 also spotted a man walking barefoot!

"I was living without any money -- just by the providence of God -- and he's protected me and taken care of me all this time," the anti-abortion protester told us.

Mike then asked him, "Do you have feeling in your feet right now?" He replied, "Yeah it hurts! But it's a sacrifice."

Organizers did expect a dip in attendance because of the weather, dangerous driving conditions and canceled flights, but the official event schedule went unchanged.

"Because the stand for life is so important that nothing can stop us from coming - it's my first time so I was determined this year," participant Sandra Cloutier said.

Some participants hit the road early, skipping the march to the Supreme Court. Others say they packed extra supplies in case they get stranded here.

"We have food with us, we have extra clothes, lots of water," said Cynthia Hasenstab, a marcher. She also said she had medical supplies.

Carly Fiornia told the crowd today that the weather on the campaign trail in Iowa and New Hampshire is colder. We're not sure if she was attempting to make people feel better, but it definitely elicited a big laugh.

Event organizers say if participants do get stuck in D.C. because of the weather, there are plenty of hotel rooms open in their room block.

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