DCPS students get taste of Japanese culture

DCPS students get taste of Japanese culture. (ABC7)

With the National Cherry Blossom Festival officially underway, students across D.C. are learning about Japanese culture and cuisine.

Across the District, DCPS called this "Japanese Food Day,” serving a special menu to 50,000 children at 116 schools, featuring curry chicken for lunch.

Lasalle-Backus Education Campus in Northeast Washington has an on-going relationship with the Embassy of Japan. On Thursday, it hosted a delegation from the embassy.

“I think it would be really cool to go to Japan with my family and just explore,” said Lasalle-Backus fifth grader Justin Cave.

Embassy staff and volunteers helped students create Japanese crafts, like koi fish windsocks.

“We hope that we can deepen the understanding of the culture of Japan and the importance of the U.S.-Japan relationship,” said Takehiro Shimada, Minister of Communications and Cultural Affairs for the Embassy of Japan.

Principal Justin Ralston added, “Global awareness and appreciation of one another is essentially at the core of what we're trying to do here.”

Some students wondered why sushi was not on the menu but serving elementary school kids raw fish was probably not a good idea.

“I've been asked that about 10 times today,” Ralston said. “Unfortunately, sushi didn't make it but the curry is delicious.”

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