Faking the Grade: Hunting for accountability in grade fixing scandal in DC schools

Washington, D.C.'s top two education officials are facing councilmembers on a scandal of DC Public Schools graduating despite failure to attend classes. Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018 (Sam Ford/ABC7)

DC Public School officials met with councilmembers Tuesday to discuss a scandal involving alleged grade fixing and changing of attendance records resulting in students graduating from high school without attending classes.

"We should not be graduating students who are functionally illiterate, and we are!," said Councilmember Mary Cheh, who reacted to a report on the DCPS.

The meeting comes amid a report released that alleges grade fixing in the city's public schools.

A final audit was released on Monday, and the principal of Dunbar High School was placed on administrative leave, according to DCPS Chancellor Antwan Wilson.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser spoke at an event Monday after reviewing the information in the final audit.

The review comes after staff at Ballou High School came under fire for allegedly changing grades and attendance records. According to a previous outside audit, roughly 113 of 177 Ballou High School graduating seniors last year passed their classes in violation of district policy.

But the audit showed Ballou came in second worst in graduating students who violated attendance policies at 63.3 percent.

Anacostia High School topped the list as the worst school for graduating students despite violating the attendance policies at 69.8 percent.

The DCPS secondary schools chief Dr. Jane Spence was previously placed on administrative leave and former Ballou High School principal Dr. Yetunde Reeves was reappointed following the allegations.

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