DCPS: 14 schools without power, but most will open Monday

Hurricane Irene knocked out power to 14 D.C. schools, but school officials say almost all of the District’s schools will open on time Monday.

DCPS is working with PEPCO officials to restore power and hopes to clear all schools Sunday for the safe return of teachers and students.

DCPS will issue an update later this evening regarding changes to the status of the following schools that are without electricity:

Anacostia SHS, Beers ES, Burroughs EC, Coolidge HS, Mann ES, Orr ES, Oyster-Adams Bilingual School (Adams), Savoy ES, Stanton ES, Thomas ES, Turner ES @ Green, Whittier EC, LaSalle-Backus EC, and Winston EC.

A number of schools have reported leaks, minor flooding or downed trees, but nothing that would prevent them from opening on time Monday. The Office of Public Education Facilities and Modernization (OPEFM) is currently working with DCPS to make repairs.

School Without Walls High School in Ward 2 will not open tomorrow, as a result of damage sustained earlier in the week from an earthquake.

Students and staff from School Without Walls will relocate Monday to Eastern High School at 1700 East Capitol St. NE in Ward 6.

Eastern, which was recently modernized and houses a freshman class only this year, can easily accommodate School Without Walls' 520 students for the duration of repairs.

Parents and families should continue to monitor the DCPS website, as well as DCPS social media - @DCPublicSchools on Twitter and Facebook{ } - for any updates on the opening status of the 14 schools without electricity.

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