DCFEMS fails to meet 15 of 36 recommendations, auditor finds

Ambulance. (Photo: WJLA)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- The Auditor for the District of Columbia found the city's Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services has failed to meet 15 of 36 recommendations.

The directives came nine years ago from the Task Force for Emergency Medical Services. It was established after the family of David Rosenbaum filed suit against the city.

Rosenbaum died after he was mugged and beaten near his Northwest D.C. home. The assailants left him unconscious with a severe head injury.

First responders believed Rosenbaum was drunk and did not provide adequate care. They took him to Howard University Hospital where he languished on a gurney. By the time he received treatment it was too late.

The auditor found in the nine years since the Task Force recommended sweeping changes, many problems persist.

However both the Auditor Kathy Patterson and the Rosenbaum family believe the city's new mayor and new leadership at the Department of Fire and EMS are motivated to make improvements.

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