Chief Newsham promises increased police presence following Wendy Martinez's murder

Police chief promises increased police presence following Wendy Martinez's murder (ABC7)

Community members packed a room at the Marriott Marquis on Monday night to demand solutions.

They say Wendy Martinez’s murder highlights issues that are brewing in Logan Circle.

Martinez was stabbed to death while jogging on September 18 in the 1400 block of 11th Street, NW.

“Our goal since this happened is to make sure that she does not die in vain,” said Martinez’s friend during the meeting.

Although detectives have not identified the suspect’s motive in the random attack, friends believe more should be done to tackle a variety of issues in the neighborhood.

The suspect identified as 23-year-old Anthony Crawford was known to police.

His criminal history includes fare evasion and an assault while he was a juvenile.

“There’s clearly a growing problem in the city and you’re hearing it tonight,” said Martinez’s friend.

Chief Peter Newsham promises increased police presence to address some of the issues that were brought to light. That includes concerns over prostitution, K2 and loitering.

“I think that the mere presence of police can sometimes make people feel safer and the other I ask folks to do is if they see behavior where someone is being a danger to themselves or to others to be able to articulate, so we can take appropriate action,” said Chief Peter Newsham.

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