D.C. students travel to Moscow to compete in 2018 Street Child World Cup

DC students travel to Moscow to compete in 2018 Street Child World Cup. Wednesday, May 9, 2018 (ABC7 photo)

Nine high schoolers from D.C. embarked Wednesday on the trip of a lifetime.

“It’s going to be cool!” said 11th grader, Kalkidan Haile, smiling.

With their bags packed and new soccer gear ready to go, the group is a step closer to representing U.S.A. in the 2018 Street Child World Cup in Russia.

“To be a teenage girl growing up in inner city Washington, and all of a sudden to be whisked off in this whirlwind of events with help from DC United and Adidas and other companies, that really rallied behind them, and to go over and represent America on this big stage, I can’t imagine how good of an experience it’s going to be!” said Michael Holstein with DC Scores.

The group will be playing soccer and also going to conferences and talking about youth poverty and homelessness.

“I’m hoping that this experience is, you know, a life changing experience for them,” said Darla Bardine, Executive Director of National Network for Youth. “That they are given a platform. That they are encouraged.”

“I think the different cultures and the mix of that and the vibes, I think it’s going to be amazing and I cannot wait!” Haile said, smiling.

“There’s no words to explain my emotions for that,” said Jessica Amaya, an 11th grader also going on the trip.

The group loaded onto a bus Wednesday morning heading for New York. From there, they fly to Moscow. They plan to return to D.C. next Friday.

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