Students recite Dr. King's 'I Have a Dream' speech at Lincoln Memorial

Martin Luther King's most famous speech was celebrated Friday by some D.C. students.

The National Park Service usually hosts its annual MLK event at the Lincoln Memorial around Dr. King's January 15th birthday. But the event was rescheduled this year because of events surrounding President Trump’s Inauguration.

As they've done for the past 12 years, about 100 fifth graders from Watkins elementary stepped up to a microphone, standing in the very place where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood.

They recited – and sometimes preached – his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech.

The audience was made up of proud parents and the entire Watkins student body. Many of the students held signs about civil rights and other issues like bullying.

Watkins elementary school principal Elena Bell said, “They study the civil rights movement. They make connections between those times and these times to make it relevant to them.”

King’s legacy is one these students know well.

“He wanted us to be together. He didn't want us arguing or angry. He didn't want violence,” said 11-year old Jonathan Pitts.

And the students believe King's dream – and his calls for freedom and justice, equality and tranquility - are just as important now as they were then.

“We've definitely improved but there's still racism. Not nearly as bad as it was but there's still people saying offensive things. And there's still racial injustice,” said 10-year old Alice Heese.

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