DC schools launch new panic button app to alert first responders in crisis situations

DC schools launch new 'Panic Button' app to alert first responders in seconds. (Photo: ABC7)

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser says this new tool could potentially save your child's life if they were involved in a school shooting situation.

The new app called the 'Rave Panic Alert Button' will provide all of the necessary information -- about who we are, where we are, and the building we are in -- instantly and give first responders vital information when responding to an urgent crisis, like an active shooter.

"The additional information contained within a facility profile, provides our officers both on a school campus or anywhere in the district with critical information that allows them to handle whatever situation they are faced with as efficiently as possible," said Metropolitan Police Department Commander Michael Coligan.

Every school in the District and every DC building now has this app and can use it for any of these emergencies. In schools, teachers and administrators could alert police to an active shooter situation and the app, instantly tells first responders where the school is and offers blueprints of the building.

First responders will know where to enter and how to maneuver the building before they get there.

The Mayor's Office says the app will be rolled out in all DC schools and government buildings immediately.

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