Longtime D.C. real estate attorney now missing for over a week

Brenda Hopkins, 68 (ABC7)

A longtime D.C. real estate attorney who recently moved her practice to her home in Montgomery County has now been missing for over a week.

Brenda Hopkins, 68, was last seen at her home in the 11700 block of Eden Road in White Oak around 10 p.m. on Aug. 8, when it is believed she left her home on foot that night or early the following morning.

Hopkins recently moved her practice to her home, which she has shared with her younger sister, Michelle, for 14 years.

Michelle said she’s baffled and frightened by her sister’s disappearance.

"What the hell? I wish I could fill in the blank,” Michelle said. “I cannot. I can't tell you what the hell because I don't know what the hell happened.”

She said Brenda regularly walked the few blocks from their home to White Oak Shopping Center at 11200 New Hampshire Avenue to buy cigarettes. Michelle has put up missing posters in every storefront that would allow her.

Michelle said Brenda has never disappeared before.

Michelle fears foul play may have occurred, but Montgomery County police said there is no reason to believe that has happened.

Hopkins is described as a 5-foot-7, 150-pound black female with black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a blouse and jeans.

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