DC police: 'Nerf type rifle' determined to be source of active shooter scare in Northwest

    Map of Washington, D.C. (ABC7)

    D.C. police say that after investigating reports of an active shooter in Northwest on Friday, it was determined that what was thought to be "the silhouette of a male, pointing a rifle" inside a nearby office suite, was actually a Nerf type rifle.

    According to a D.C. police report, a female spotted the silhouette as she was looking out an office window into a neighboring building and thought it was an active shooter. Officers responded to the scene but found the unit unoccupied after they did a sweep of the building. They did, however, find the Nerf gun inside the suite and confirmed it was the source of the scare.

    Additional details were not immediately available.

    D.C. police report below:

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