DC Police officer reportedly buys homeless man meal at McDonald's on freezing cold night

(Photo, MGN Online)

An officer with the D.C. Police Department reportedly took the time to buy a meal and a cup of coffee for a homeless man during a freezing cold night.

"It's a great reminder, especially on these bitter cold days, to look out for each other and CHOOSE KINDNESS," D.C. Police tweeted out after being informed of the officer's reported actions.

D.C. Police say they got a Facebook message from someone who was at DIK Bar on 17th Street, NW. This person says they went to McDonald's to get the bar's bouncer some coffee when they saw the officer and offered to pay for his coffee too.

The officer reportedly thanked the person and said, "Next time." The Facebook poster then says they saw the officer take the coffee and a meal to a homeless man at the far corner of the building.

"That police officer had attended to a human need of one of the least of these," the person said in their social media message.

The person added that the man was one of the homeless people who were regularly in the area.

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