D.C.’s Navy Yard makes Forbes list as one of 12 coolest neighborhoods in world


If you're on a quest for cool, look no further then Navy Yard.

Forbes recently named the D.C. neighborhood as one of the 12 coolest in the world.

“I haven't seen every neighborhood in the world,” Sadia Bashir said. “But I wasn't surprised to see that this neighborhood made it to a list like this.”

The locals and those who just come here to hang say it's the options. For entertainment, there’s Nationals Park; D.C. United’s new stadium, Audi Field, which is set to open Saturday; and numerous restaurants and drinking establishments.

And the other staple of any cool community: People watching.

“There is always something going on you can't get bored here,” Kevin Macario said. “I'll say that much.”

The other cool component is construction. new housing going up all over the place.

So much opportunity Mike Mustard is checking out a possible business venture.

“It's very contemporary it's very modern it seems hip,” Mike Mustard said.

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