DC National Guard pilot honored after F-16 crash

(Photo, ABC7)

Getting to this day is but a dream for the pilot, Captain Jonathan Morgan, in the moments that lead up to an F-16 crashing in the woods.

“I feel and I see that I have uncontrolled acceleration in my jet and I start trying to troubleshoot. And as soon as I start troubleshooting, my engine gives out,” said Capt. Morgan.

His plane had one engine and it was on fire. Pictures show the smoke over Clinton, MD on April 5, 2017. Today, we are hearing from Capt. Morgan on how his quick thinking was anything but clouded.

“The jet just missed an open field but fortunately landed in a wooded area. And I parachuted down to the field that I wanted to land in,” said Capt. Morgan.

Capt. Morgan is with the DC Air National Guard. He was going out on a training mission when trouble started just six miles from Joint Base Andrews.

“I’m about to eject and I remember saying ‘I love you Katie.’ Katie is my wife. Because who knows if I make it out of here alive or not,” said Capt. Morgan.

On Sunday morning, Capt. Morgan and the maintenance crew were recognized with two awards at an annual ceremony. Moments after the crash, neighbors were thankful for the pilot.

Capt. Morgan had minor injuries and no one was else was hurt.

He gave a shout-out to the team for having the right equipment on board that saved his life and many others.

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