D.C. Muslim woman speaks out about hateful attack

D.C. Muslim woman speaks out about hateful attack. (ABC7 photo)

We are hearing for the first time from a D.C. Muslim woman who says she was the victim of a hateful attack. She even caught some of it on her cell phone camera.

We are not revealing her identity.

She says it all happened just after 9 p.m. on April 21.

She had stopped at a Starbucks outdoor cafe on Connecticut Avenue in Northwest D.C. to send a quick email.

"A Caucasian lady with blond hair walked right past me," she said. "Then as soon as she sat down she started talking about me. Saying 'F-ing Muslim. Trash, worthless piece of Muslim trash. You all need to go back to where you came from."

During the rant, she was able to record a quick video clip. She shared the clip with us. Some of what we heard is garbled, but you can hear someone saying, "You're a terrorist. So stupid."

The alleged victim says the woman then talked about her support for Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

"She says if Donald Trump wins the nomination I'm going to vote for him so he can send all of you all back to where you came from."

Then the alleged victim says the woman seemed to get angrier. She was getting nervous and called 9-1-1. But she says the responding police officer told her there was nothing he could do.

"He said I can't do anything about words."

She says as soon as the Officer left, the woman began shouting at her. Then she suddenly left briefly. But when she came back, she doused the alleged victim with an unknown substance.

"She came around and took out a water bottle and poured the contents over my head and all over me she said. It didn't burn my skin or anything, but it had a strange smell to it."

The alleged victim met at the site with a D.C. police investigator Saturday evening.

She told us that attack has left her shaken.

"I'm more nervous than ever and I've lived over here for six years."

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