Moms rally to reunify immigrant families outside of Dept. of Homeland Security

Moms rally to reunify immigrant families outside of Dept. of Homeland Security (ABC7)

WASHINGTON (ABC7) A group of Northwest Washington mothers outraged at the policy that separated immigrant children and their parents are calling for immediate reunions for the families.

Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Department of Homeland Security on Massachusetts Avenue NW on Friday afternoon carrying posters and banging drums. Passing cars honked in support.

The images of crying children behind fences without their parents struck a nerve with Tricia Duncan.

“I was embarrassed for our country and I was heartbroken for those families,” she said.

Duncan is a stay-at-home mom from the Palisades neighborhood and reached out to other mothers in the area.

“We actually get out of our kitchens and we get out on the street and we protest. We just don’t wring our hands with thoughts and prayers. We are getting out there and we are letting them know this is not ok,” she said.

Duncan’s friends and their children made posters ahead of the rally but wasn’t just about the paper signs. The moms spoke out with clothing too.

On Thursday, First Lady Melania Trump wore a jacket that read, “I really don’t care. Do U?” ahead of her visit to the US-Mexico border to tour an immigrant children’s shelter.

“I have no idea what that jacket meant. I’m pretty sure it sent some kind of message to someone but we’re showing everyone today with our jackets that we do care,” said Duncan.

Even the youngest demonstrators felt emotional about kids being taken away from their parents as they try to enter the United States.

“I’d be really, really, really sad if I was taken away from my mom,” said 10-year-old Bella Orient. “It’s not ok to rip families apart. They’re coming over here for a reason. They want it to be better, not worse. They want to stay with each other.”

The group said it will rally in front of Homeland Security every week until each child is reunited with their parents.

“You can’t take a mother away from a child,” said organizer Shoshana Rosenbaum. “I think we have a responsibility to be out here doing something about it until the government fixes it.”

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