DC Council passes bills on clean energy, new hospital, gun laws, sports betting

DC Council (ABC7)

The D.C. Council passed a measure Tuesday to build a full service hospital east of the river.

The measure calls for George Washington University Hospital to build and run the new facility.

But a last-minute amendment requires GW to cooperate with Howard University Hospital. Howard feared a large hospital in Wards 7 and 8 could threaten it's very existence.

The council also approved a measure to legalize sports betting. It will head to Congress for review once the mayor signs it and sends it off. If Congress doesn't take action in 60 days, sports betting could become legal in D.C. sometime next year.

A measure to cut down on gun violence also passed. It outlaws bump stocks and high-capacity magazines t hat can turn a semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic gun. Possession of those items also is now a felony and carries of prison sentence of three years.

Finally, the council approved one of the toughest laws on climate change. It requires DC Utilities to get all its energy from solar or wind sources by 2032.

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