Dale Music Store closes down in Silver Spring after 64 years

SILVER SPRING, Md. (NEWSCHANNEL 8) - One Silver Spring music store is singing its swan song tonight. After 64 years in business, Dale Music Company is closing for good.

Tobi Cisin remembers purchasing her first French horn at the store, 50 years ago during a sale.

"I got up early in the morning, and stood in line," said Cisin.

Benjamin Sands says he has fond memories of the staff.

"I can remember coming by here, talking to Ed....He always had the answer," said Sands.

A shop filled with stories, more than six decades later.

But on the last day of June, Dale Music is singing a different tune.

"We have done what we can. It would be too expensive to move, and with Silver Spring redevelopment happening now, we decided it was best to close our doors," said co-owner Carol Warden.

The doors opened in 1950, and eventually became a family affair.

"My mother said to my father why don't you start a music store, and six months later he said to her, were you kidding about starting a music store?" said Warden.

Sisters Carol Warden and Joy Burchuk took over in the 1970's.

Since the beginning, musicians have turned to the shop for instruments, lessons and repairs, but it became best known for the selection of sheet music.

"There's probably fewer than five in the whole country that really specialize in sheet music," said Warden.

The internet eventually became Dale Music's biggest competitor, allowing greater accessibility to sheet music online.But customers like Carol Mills still made the extra trips from Virginia.

"It's the best place to find everything that I needed," said Mills.

According to Burchuk, customer service always hit a high note among their clients. She said, "I think your employees are what really makes your store."

News of the closing isn't what many regulars want to hear, but in the final hours they're taking in the deep discounts, and staying tuned for what else could fill the void of a Montgomery County institution.

Any remaining inventory that isn't sold Monday night, can be purchased by appointment or through an online auction.

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