WATCH: Dad quietly celebrates Caps win while baby sleeps

(Courtesy of Chris Bale)

When a D.C. sports blog asked Capitals fans to share videos of their reactions to Wednesday night’s big win, Chris Bale sent out a clip from a surveillance camera inside his New Jersey home.

The video shows him jumping on a coffee table and then silently screaming, while his 3-month-old son slept. It was his turn to watch the baby, while his wife slept in another room.

“Last thing I wanted to do was wake him up again, there has been times when he has woken up but hasn’t gone back,” Bale said. “I posted it to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram, it just really took off.”

Bale, who grew up in Bethesda, remembers the last time the team qualified for the Stanley Cup Finals.

“The last 10 years, I’ve been following them, there has been so much excitement and so much heartbreak,” Bale said.

He says the world will hear his excitement if the Capitals win the Stanley Cup, including his son.

“There will not be any silent screaming, there will be loud screaming, yells and probably dropping some not very good words. If I wake him up, I wake him up,” Bale said.

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