D.C. weather: Region braces for another cold night

    Biting wind carrying stinging cold has the region bundling up.

    The severe cold put old or frail furnaces on the fritz and a Winter Weather Advisory is issued for the D.C. area after midnight. There’s also the chance for a dusting of snow in the greater D.C. area.

    Fatuma Adris is working indoors and freezing.

    Adris has a hat and winter jacket on - but she still is struggling in this cold. Since she’s the owner and the sole employee of the J and F grocery, if she wants to make money, she will have to endure the cold until she gets someone in to fix her furnace.

    “I will have to be here twelve hours in this store today so I don't how I'm gonna make it,” she says.

    But there are also those who have no choice and are outside because they’re homeless.

    Cecilia Cassidy helps to feed the homeless at a Rosslyn park. But on Wednesday, the park is empty. It’s a good sign that many people have found shelter.

    Hubert Willoughby knows what those sleeping in the cold are feeling. Homeless 17 years, this is the first winter he's off the streets and in a shelter.

    “The last two winters I stayed completely outside, I wouldn't go into a shelter,” he says. “(Now) I got a warm roof over my head. Something to eat every night. A little something in the morning.”

    But, for various reasons, not all the homeless want to come off the streets.

    It’s a problem Kathy Sibert understands. She runs the Arlington Street People's Assistance Network, which is expanding with more services next year to help more homeless find homes.

    “It'll be open 24/7 and we're really excited because once you can have everything in one place and there's someplace people can go you can really help them move forward in their lives,” Sibert says.

    A critical need, not just in Arlington, but across the D.C. region.

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