D.C. snow storm: Is Washington a city of weather 'wimps'?

    Even though much of Northern Virginia was buried under at least some snow after Wednesday's storm, the District was largely spared, and some are questioning our region's weather toughness.

    In addition to the closing of federal offices and schools, some businesses decided to close up shop early as well, citing the impending weather (that didn't come for many).

    That has restarted the debate over whether or not D.C. is "tough enough" to deal with snow, especially by the end of the day, when there was nary a dusting on most parts of the District.

    The main question: did we overreact?

    "My sons missed school yesterday and it rained, and it was just a waste of time," Fairfax County resident Divina Small said. "They are back to school today, and I hope winter is officially over."

    However, in locations where there was some accumulation, the natives are a little bit more philosophical.

    "You at least want to put people on guard," Fairfax resident Christie Creel said. "They would be more upset if they didn't think something was coming. It's better to be overprepared than underprepared."

    Despite that sentiment, there's still the overarching sentiment that the District's populace just isn't snow-hardy.

    "Are we wimps?" Fairfax resident Ed Pressler asked. "Yes."

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