D.C. school fight allegedly involved school staffer

The mother of one of the girls invovled in the fight was caught on camera watching it. (Photo: WJLA)

A fight between two District high school girls was caught on tape while the mother of one stood by and watched, even encouraging the beating.

The after school fight was between two Roosevelt High School girls.

Lisa Small, an employee at the school and mother of one of the combatants, is pictured watching the fight.

Small says the other girl is the one who engineered the fight.

"I never told my daughter to attack [the other girl]," Small said. "When the fight started, I'm hollering and I'm screaming and I'm telling my daughter to work her stuff. I did. I did. I'm a woman and I want to admit my fault."

Nia Harrison, the mother of the other girl, was outraged.

"She's a disgrace as a mother and an employee of the DPS system," Harrison said.

William Trusdale, the father of the other girl, echoed her sentiments.

"Anything could have happened," Trusdale said. "They could have killed my daughter or something could happen to her daughter."

Both families say the fight was the result of a simmering feud between girls who used to be friends. And both criticize Roosevelt and its principal for doing nothing to mediate.

Small says the fight was one day after an all-girl mob stripped her daughter at the Petworth Metro.

"They snatched it off her back Thursday and had my daughter out there in these sweat pants and a bra," Small says.

For the Harrison and Trusdale, that’s not a good excuse.

"I feel as though she shouldn't work around children period because who knows, it might happen to somebody else's child," Harrison said.

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