D.C. police officer claims police brutality against Prince George's County police officers

    Two Prince George's County police officers are facing accusations of police brutality from a D.C. police officer.

    After completing his Saturday shift,{} D.C. officer Richard Merritt was outside the Ebony Inn, located in Fairmount Heights, when he was approached by two Prince George's County police officers. Merritt said the officers ordered him to stand against the wall. He explained to ABC7 what happened after he told the duo he was an officer, as well.

    "This officer jumped on me, and his partner assisted him. They jumped on my back; they punched me several times in the face," Merritt said.

    He said it wasn't until they retrieved his wallet and saw his badge that the beating stopped.

    "When he retrieved my ID, he said, 'You [expletive] D.C. police. You [expletive]...threw it to the left side of my face," Merritt continued.

    Merritt was cited for having an open alcohol container and resisting arrest.

    The Prince George's County Police Department says officers had to use force to get the 6-foot-10, 340 pound Merritt under control.

    Merritt filed a $3 million lawsuit against the Prince George's County department Wednesday, alleging abuse.

    Merritt's claim was backed by a witness at the Ebony Inn Wednesday, who asked to not be identified.

    "The two police officers bum rushed him and wrestled him to the ground and twisted his leg and he wasn't resisting arrest at all...," the witness said.

    Since his arrest Saturday, Merritt has been placed on non-contact status within the Metro Police Department.

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