D.C. man wants $30K for Kenny Loggins concert in his living room

WASHINGTON (NewsChannel 8) – The man who provided the soundtrack to ‘80s film classics like “Top Gun” and “Footloose” may bring a concert to a condo near you.

Soft rock music sensation Kenny Loggins could perform in one D.C. man's apartment—an acoustic set with Kenny Loggins and the Blue Sky Riders.

“I think [Loggins] transcends music,” said fan Erick Sanchez. “He has the voice of an angel and I think he would be absolutely perfect for my living room.”

The private show could happen if Sanchez, a self-proclaimed "Loggins-ista,” raises $30,000 on his Kickstarter campaign.

"I wouldn't be upset if I heard, maybe, ‘I'm Alright,’ a little 'Footloose,'" Sanchez said.

The D.C. man has raised a couple grand so far. For a mere $300, you can snag one of 50 seats in his one-bedroom condominium.

"We'll get him in there," Sanchez said.

Sanchez doesn't want to reveal the exact location of his building; he said it is in the Eastern Market area, but wants the concert—if it happens—to remain private.

Loggins is on tour, but his representatives sent NewsChannel 8 this statement:

"We were blown away when we learned some fans created their own separate Kickstarter campaign to raise money on our behalf—how cool is that—and if they reach the goal we'll be more than happy to sing in their living room!"

He went on to say:

"Musicians are in the business of making ‘dreams’ come true on all levels (by making good music for people to enjoy, and by helping others to be heard too), and as another way of giving back to our old and newfound fans we're giving artists and bands the chance to be our opening act when our new album (the one we are funding on Kickstarter) drops in 2015—the musicians don't even have to donate to our project to enter...they can check out the ‘Kickin' It Back Opening Act’ contest on"

Sanchez says he is not trying to be ironic.

"I saw Kenny Loggins way before it became cool to see Kenny Loggins, so I’m not on this whole hipster trend of Kenny Loggins fans," he said.

The city told NewsChannel 8 a permit may be needed to hold the concert, and fire code regulations must be followed.

Sanchez just hopes other fans can meet him more than halfway.

"We’re almost in the 'danger zone' fundraising wise, so I hope we get all the way there," said Sanchez.

Click here if you would like to donate to Sanchez’s campaign.

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