D.C. earthquake damages National Cathedral, Washington Monument

    The grounds of Washington's National Cathedral are like a ghost town on the second day the church has been shuttered, keeping out nearly 4,000 visitors.

    Tuesday's earthquake did millions of dollars of damage to the ornate structure. Three of the four spires in the central tower were toppled. It’s estimated that they will take years to repair.

    Visitors are admiring the century-old gothic church from a distance. “When we went by there I was like, ‘I have to go in but I can't come in’ but we'll come back some time when it's over,” said Kandice Owens.

    On the National Mall, photographs taken inside and outside the Washington Monument show the extent of the earthquakes' damage. A four-foot long crack near the top of the structure's west side is the most significant evidence of the 5.8 quake.

    Engineers were on site Thursday to further assess what it will take to fix this national landmark. National Park Service officials say that may not be known for a week. The building remains closed indefinitely.

    The Blad family from Minnesota is sad that they can't get in. “I'm really disappointed because that's something I was looking forward to at home because I'd imagine the view is spectacular,” said Nicholas Blad.

    “Here we are on Thursday just looking at it and we've discovered we can't get into it,” his mother Sally Balgum-Blad said.

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