Bloomingdale homes flooded again, D.C. Water responds

    Cleaning up after another flood in Bloomingdale in Northwest.

    In the Bloomingdale neighborhood in Northwest, residents armed themselves with extra sump pumps and sand bags - but for a third time in just over a week, storm water crested over a curb Thursday night and everyone knew the nightmare was playing out yet again.

    This latest storm pounded residents with heavy rain again as cars struggled to stay on the road—a low lying area notorious for flooding is once again reeling.

    Black sludge covers streets and bathroom floors. The violent water throwing these heavy timbers around like twigs. Even cars struggling to stay on the road.

    Can't keep nothing in your basements,” says Annette Wilson, a D.C. resident.

    Charles Harris, who suffers from Parkinson’s, has already lost two cars thanks to floods here, not to mention his carpet, furniture and electronics.

    "The city doesn't seem to want to invest on the people down here in Bloomingdale," he says.

    The residents have been told D.C. Water has plans to upgrade and try to alleviate this problem here in the Bloomingdale neighborhood. But it's a plan that will cost billions of dollars and will take 13 years.

    For the time being, angry residents say the city hasn't even offered them sand bags.

    In response, DC Water announced a Bloomingdale Action Agenda on Friday. Officials say they are looking into short-term and long-term solutions for Bloomingdale residents and other areas of the District where sewer back-ups and flooding have occurred.

    Anticipating more rain, DC Water began providing sand bags for residents at 1 p..m. Friday at RFK Stadium, Lot 7, through 9 p.m. Friday. Customers will be allowed to pick up five sandbags, which weigh approximately 40 lbs. each.

    In a letter to customers, DC Water outlined an action agenda with a website:

    "We have already begun implementing what I call our Bloomingdale Action Agenda," commented DC Water General Manager George S. Hawkins. "This is a list of specific steps DC Water, residents and businesses, and other parts of the government are taking and can take to reduce the effects of runoff and flooding."

    For customers experiencing an emergency, please call DC Water's 24-hour Command Center at 202-612-3400. For all other inquiries, please contact or DC Water's Bloomingdale hotline at 202-787-2688.

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