Crystal City commuter makeover in Arlington County, Va.

(Photo, ABC7)

For Crystal City commuters, million dollar upgrades, aimed at creating safer commutes, are almost complete.

"Definitely improved it and made it better especially in time for spring," says Justin Verma.

The Arlington County project, is designed to improve safety and traffic flow around the busy Crystal City Metro stop.

A stretch of S. Bell street, right in front of the Metro, was previously just a one way street.

With the new lane striping, and a new traffic light, cars and buses are now flowing in both directions.

Along 18th street, upgrades for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

New lighting under a previously dark underpass is one bright spot for student Kristopher Neyer.

"Sometimes we have classes that end at ten and get home and like 11 and get off here and it would be really dark so the lights definitely help," Neyer tells ABC7.

A new designated bike lane is also keeping cyclists off the renovated sidewalks.

"It's a lot safer because you don't know one is coming up behind you," Neyer says.

Four new bus bays and drop off points will help keep buses and shuttles from clogging up the road.

Project officials say there are just a few "punch list" items left to complete.

An official cutting ceremony is expected later in April or in May.

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