Crowds brave cold to pay respects to former President George H.W. Bush

Crowds brave cold to pay respects to former President George H.W. Bush (ABC7)

From the Nation’s Capital to the Washington National Cathedral, crowds of people braved the cold to pay their respects to the late president.

Across the street, behind two rows of metal gates, Eunice Greer peered between tree branches to watch the final moments of the funeral for George Herbert Walker Bush.

“There he comes. Oh, my goodness,” she said as the funeral hearse drove down Wisconsin Avenue.

Earlier in the morning, Greer made her way to the National Cathedral. She took out her phone and watched the funeral taking place inside.

Hundreds of people bundled up in winter coats and hats, quietly waited outside as the temperatures stayed in the mid-30s. The crowd stayed for hours in honor of the 41st president.

Lucien Bourdeau from Manhattan, traveled to Washington with his son and a large painting.

“When I see that he passed away, I just think, ‘Let me make that painting to give the family,” he said holding on to one side of two portraits of H.W. Bush. “

“I’m proud of our city. I think we stepped up and we did well today,” said Greer looking at the crowd of people.

Longtime District resident Starr Kopper has seen 15 presidents in her lifetime.

Kopper said while she might be 88 years on paper, “For doing the fox trot or the waltz, ageless, my dear.”

She was on Washington DC sidewalks for President John F. Kennedy’s funeral too.

“I put my little girl on my shoulders, and we saw Jackie and everyone walking right down the street,” she recalled.

Once the funeral procession left the National Cathedral, it made its way to Joint Base Andrews where H.W. Bush and his family headed back to Texas for the burial.

“He and Barbara are going to be together again,” said Greer.

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