Crowd gathers outside Trump Hotel, expresses displeasure with administration through dance

In a time where D.C. is experiencing so many protests that they can all start to sound the same, one group has found a way to stand out.

Instead of focusing on chanting, it focuses more on dancing.

Organizer Firas Nasr with Werk For Peace organized a “dance celebration” that took place Friday night. Protesters started dancing outside the Trump Hotel, then took to the streets and made their way to the White House.

The group gained national attention for holding a dance protest in favor of gay rights near the temporary home of Vice President Mike Pence two nights before the inauguration.

On Friday night, they were at it again, but this time they’d been able to witness two weeks of Donald Trump as president.

“I think he’s even worse than we anticipated,” said one protester.

"In the past two weeks, we’ve seen egregious executive orders passed by Donald Trump,” Nasr said.

He said the protest was against bigotry that he and other protesters feel is coming from the Trump administration through Trump’s executive orders.

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