CPR app 'PulsePoint' helps save life of man suffering heart attack in Maryland

Sean McGuire (ABC7 photo)

A CPR app called “PulsePoint” helped save the life of a man having a heart attack inside of a conference room in Howard County, Maryland.

While Sean McGuire was slouched over in a chair in his office, co-workers called 911. The PulsePoint app activates once a cardiac arrest and/or a 911 call is registered in the system in Howard County.

The app notifies everyone in the area of the location where an incident happens or if someone needs CPR.

Simone Rockstoh ran over from an adjacent building to McGuire’s office and performed CPR saving his life.

McGuire and Rockstoh reunited Friday in Howard County.

Sam Sweeney has more on this story in the above video.

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