Coyote Warning issued in Falls Church after a small dog killed in yard, officials say

(MGN Online)

Authorities in Falls Church say they have issued a Coyote Warning in the area after a small dog was killed in its own yard sometime before Christmas.

Falls Church Police and the Falls Church Animal Control Officer says that coyote sightings have increased recently in Northern Virginia, prompting the alert. The dog was killed in the area of Lake Barcroft and Annandale when it was let out to go to the bathroom during the day, police say.

Officials say that coyotes live in all areas of Virginia and have been in Falls Church since 2003. Coyotes do not usually attack humans in Virginia but authorities say they will attack small pets and livestock. They may even go after full-sized dogs if they feel threatened but it is small animals that are the most at risk, police say.

Coyotes can have rabies and authorities say that anyone who is approached by one should yell at it, wave their arms and throw things at it.

Police caution that pet owners should keep their dogs on leashes, not let their pets wander outside, even in fenced yards, not leave any food lying around outside and keep their garbage in a container with a lid.

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