Va. constituents ask where Rep. Barbara Comstock is

(Photo, ABC7)

At first glance they look like any other sign on a light pole. But look closer and you see Republican Congresswoman Barbara Comstock.

“There are no public appearances scheduled and it’s really hard to get in touch with her,” says Courtney Soria, a Democrat who lives in Leesburg in Comstock’s 10th District- made the “Missing” signs with a friend and posted them last night in DC, two blocks from Comstock’s Capitol Hill office.

The posters accuse Comstock of avoiding constituents, and they show her office phone number along with the hashtag #StandIndivisible.

“We’re a real respective group of folks and I think a town hall would go a long way into assuaging some of the stuff we’re dealing with,” she says.

For months Democrats have been pressuring Comstock to hold a town hall on issues like health care and the travel ban, but the congresswoman has stayed quiet.

“Any Republican who goes in public right now has to answer for Donald Trump and none of them want to do that," says University of Mary Washington Political Science Professor Stephen Farnsworth.

Farnsworth says Comstock wants to win re-election next year in a district that voted last year for Hillary Clinton.

“The problem for her may be that Donald Trump becomes so unpopular and tainted as a president that it drags Comstock down in the mid-term election," he says.

“I appreciate what she’s doing. she can continue doing what she knows is right and just move forward," says Judy Boyd, a Comstock supporter from Sterling.

In a statement, Congresswoman Comstock’s office says this year she has met with hundreds of constituents in her offices and connected with 9000 during telephone town halls and says “she is ever present in and around her district.”

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