Company wants to begin work on pipeline under Potomac River

    Company wants to begin work on pipeline under Potomac. (Photo: ABC 7)

    Columbia Gas Transmission is asking federal regulators for permission to start building a natural gas pipeline that would run through part of western Maryland and cross under the Potomac River near Hancock.

    The Herald-Mail reports TransCanada, which owns Columbia Gas, filed a formal request for a "partial notice to proceed" with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Sept. 20.

    The commission signed off on the pipeline in July but hasn't approved the request yet.

    Meanwhile, opponents of the project are asking FERC to reconsider its approval.

    Environmental groups have expressed concern about pollution and drinking water degradation.

    The $25 million, approximately 3-mile (5-kilometer) pipeline would connect existing lines in Pennsylvania with the Mountaineer gas pipeline that's being built in West Virginia.

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