Crystal City community reacts to news of HQ2 coming to Northern Virginia

Crystal City community reacting to news of HQ2 coming to Northern Virginia. (Photo: ABC7)

Crystal City was abuzz on Tuesday.

“A lot of people have been eagerly waiting to hear if Amazon is coming or not,” said Elaine Bayne, a server at Crystal City Sports Pub.

That wait is now over.

“Yay!” Said Robi Mengskab, owner of Enjera Restaurant in Crystal City. “We have been waiting for so many year about this, so you don’t know how happy you made me today.”

“I think it’s still sinking in,” said Mike O’Neal, a customer at the Crystal City Sports Pub. “I think everybody is kind of wait and see.”

“I’m glad that they were smart enough to do New York as well as Virginia.” Said Morris Umansky, from Arlington.

Those who live and work in the area are excited to see what HQ2 brings in.

“I’m 70 years old and I’m thinking about asking Amazon for a job!” Said Umansky, smiling.

“There’s advantages and there’s always going to be disadvantages to every enterprise, to every venture,” said Michael Vigil, from Alexandria.

Some expressed concerns about rising housing prices, traffic, and parking. Even with some concerns, excitement was spreading in Crystal City.

“Welcome Amazon!” Said Crystal City resident, James Smith. “If you want to send me free books, I’ll take them!”

ABC7's Heather Graf has more on the real estate impact of HQ2 in the video below:

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