Community mourns after two teens were shot and killed in Prince George's Co.

Community mourns after two teens were shot and killed in Prince George's Co. (Cheryl Conner/ABC7)

The night before Halloween, the neighborhood is dressed up in peace. Kids are out playing.

But around 2:45 Sunday morning, Regency Lane Apartments on Walker Mill Rd. in Capitol Heights became a real-life house of horrors.

“You should remember Todd just by his warm embrace. He was just so funny,” said Todd Webb’s sister Sharniqua Brooks.

Webb was only 14 years old. He is described as a good kid, who was on the honor roll at Suitland High School.

“He always wanted to grow up and be a police officer. Everybody remembers. Every year for Halloween he was a SWAT member,” said Brooks.

Webb, who lived in the community, and 18-year-old Brian Davis, from Northwest Washington, DC, were pronounced dead on the scene.

Four others were taken to the hospital; one man has life-threatening injuries. One who was still hospitalized as of Sunday night is expected to survive. Two other victims were released from the hospital.

A neighbor described what she saw but she was too emotional to show her face.

“It was like back-to-back (shooting). It stopped for like a minute or two and then it started back up again,” she said. “I came outside. People was looking for their kids. Kids was laying on the ground.”

Bullets shattered the windows of one of the apartment buildings. Detectives don’t think the incident was random.

Neighbors tell us a Halloween party was going on, but Brooks says her brother was not there.

“I think he was on his way home from someone else’s house and got caught in gunfire,” said Brooks.

Police are still investigating who’s behind it and why the shooting happened.

“I’m just tired of seeing our black men, young adults being killed by guns. I just wished that we all could do something as a community to get our kids out the street,” said the neighbor who did not want her identity revealed.

Anyone with information that leads to an arrest and indictment can receive a $25,000 reward.

A family friend set up a GoFundMe page for Webb. Click here to donate.

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