Cold weather causes problems for some area residents

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The sun was shining on the U.S. Capitol Thursday, but not enough to take the bite out of the winter cold.

Those who had to spend time outdoors either dressed for the weather or shivered in the freezing cold air.

{}"I come prepared, I dress for it," says Alonzo Mudd, a car wash employee.

Even though they layered and covered up as much as possible, a lot of people made quick trips to wherever they needed to go, hoping to get back inside fast.

"It's so cold -- I mean, it's hard to talk, my lips are frozen," said D.C. resident Lisa Field.

But when it gets this cold, it occasionally proves to be too much for some heating systems.

Rafael Diaz, a Michael & Son heating expert, says he was very busy Thursday, and that days like today are among the most demanding.

Silver Spring resident Andarge Asfaw spent the day bundled up, and awoke this morning to a bum furnace and biting cold.

"Oh, it was freezing!" he exclaimed.

Asfaw just hopes that repairs are quick and his heat is on inside soon, because he knows it’s only to get colder outside.

“They promised they would try to get it done by today, so hoping it is something minor than major," he said.

Later that evening, the normally vibrant National Mall was nearly deserted except for a jogger or two.

In Fort Washington, drivers opted for the drive-thru lane, preferring to do business from the warmth of their cars. It’s a dress-in-layers, bone-chillingly cold kind of night in the D.C. region.

"What is it, close to 20? It's very cold," said Milton Goldsmith of Maryland.

"Well I have to work in it, so I prepare myself for it," added Sylvia Young, who spends a lot of time outside when she's on the job. So she plans ahead.

"I had on four pair of pants, five shirts, and two hats," she said.

It’s been a wild week of winter weather, as Sunday’s ice storm wreaked havoc on roadways and knocked out power to thousands. That was then followed up by a few inches of snow a couple of days later.

Now, we’re dealing with a deep freeze, as D.C. area residents are wondering what will happen this Saturday. There’s talk, maybe, of more snow.

"I'd rather it snow than ice because you have no control over your vehicle -- once you hit your brakes, it's over," said Umar Hussain from Maryland.

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