Close to 200 Dulles Airport workers to go on strike in busy days leading up to Christmas

A strike at Dulles Airport started Wednesday morning as workers fight for better pay. (Photo, ABC7)

Around 200 workers at Dulles Airport are going on strike for days during the busiest time ahead of Christmas.

ABC7's Ryan Hughes reported that a number of workers started leaving at 3 a.m. on Wednesday and that the strike is supposed to last two days.

The strike was announced Monday and is part of the contracted service workers' fight for better pay from Huntleigh USA Corporation and the ability to unionize.

Some of the workers say they are only paid $6.50 an hour and that they need to work multiple jobs. This will mark the third year an a row that the workers will ask for $15 an hour.

The employees striking include customer service agents, baggage handlers and wheelchair attendants.

According to AAA, Thursday and Friday will be two of the year's busiest travel days as around 149,000 people from D.C. are expected to fly out of the area for the holidays.

On Wednesday afternoon, Huntleigh CFO Diane Shaw released the following statement:

"Huntleigh values all of its employees and respects each employee's right to form or attempt to form a union in the workplace as well as the right to refuse to form or attempt to form a union. The Company never has refused to agree to the fair and well-established process established by the National Labor Relations Board that allows all affected employees to vote on the issue of unionization in a secret ballot election."

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