CityCenterDC draws big crowds with igloo 'ice lounge'

CityCenterDC draws big crowds with igloo 'ice lounge' (ABC7)

These days, the start of the holiday season is unclear, with sales rolling out in October and decorations going up before Thanksgiving.

In case you missed it, today is December 1st. Across D.C., there are many fun, festive and even freezing activities to check out this month.

CityCenterDC has created what’s being promoted as an "ice lounge." It is a modern igloo, made with 36,000 pounds of ice. Inside, visitors can luxuriate in sub-zero style.

General Manager Timothy Lowery said, “There's seats and there's wraps and all kinds of things to keep you warm once you go in there.”

The igloo is free, open to the public and attracting big crowds.

Each group is allowed a couple minutes inside. But it's melting, so you'll need to visit Saturday or Sunday if you want to check it out.

CityCenterDC also touts live performances and art installations around the outdoor, high-end shopping venue, including 25-foot tall reindeer.

“We have thousands of people who come here during the holidays to enjoy both the areas that we decorate as well as to shop and to dine here,” Lowery said. “And they just come to have a good time.”

Across the region, several shopping centers and hotels have set up ice rinks.

Meanwhile, Zoo Lights is back at the National Zoo. New this year, the event features an art gallery, a European-style outdoor market and a free, glow-in-the-dark play zone for children.

D.C.'s 13th annual Holiday Market opened on Black Friday. Starting at noon each day through December 23rd, shoppers can enjoy live music, warm treats, plus lots of arts, crafts, clothes and accessories.

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