Chuck Brown, Godfather of Go-Go, to play with National Symphony Orchestra

The Godfather of Go-Go is celebrating his 75th birthday and getting to do something he never even imagined.

This weekend, Chuck Brown will be playing with the National Symphony Orchestra.

When Chuck Brown gets out of his car on a downtown D.C. Street, within minutes, his fans and their cameras, just materialize.

"There was a time 55 years ago, the only people that took pictures of me was the police," Brown says.

D.C.'s music icon learned to pay guitar in Lorton prison, but now he's about to be honored by another music icon, the National Symphony Orchestra in honor of his 75th birthday.

At their Labor Day Concert on the Capitol grounds, these uptown folks are gonna play go-go.

"We have a salute to him first and then we'll be inviting the Godfather himself up on stage with the National Symphony," says Rita Shapiro, executive director of the symphony. "And I'm sure we we'll all be busting lose together."

After Chuck plays with the symphony, he's going to bring his band on stage.

Asked if he thought he'd ever be playing with the National Symphony," Brown says, "No, no, no. I didn't' think I'd be playing on the Capitol grounds let alone with a symphony orchestra."

It's one more honor for Chuck's who grew up shining shoes on the streets of D.C. and had brushes with the law before creating a sound that's made him a hometown legend.

"That's going to be the experience of a lifetime for me," Brown says. "That's something I never dreamed I would be doing."

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