Chronic wasting disease found in deer near Shenandoah National Park

A brain disorder that can kill large game, including deer, moose and elk, is spreading east through Virginia and is proving highly difficult to contain, the Daily Progress says.

The disorder, chronic wasting disease, was most recently found in deer that live within 25 miles of Shenandoah National Park, which stretches all the way east to Front Royal.

According to wildlife officials, herds of deer have already been quarantined in both Frederick and Shenandoah counties in Virginia, but that may not stem the tide.

"The disease is very likely to come out of that quarantine area," Ed Clark, the president of the Wildlife Center of Virginia, told the Daily Progress. "There has been no effective strategy in the United States to contain the disease."

The Centers for Disease Control says that there is no quantifiable evidence that chronic wasting disease can be picked up by humans.


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