Chef Geoff Tracy leads campaign to warn drivers about speed cameras

More speed cameras are popping up throughout D.C., but now one local chef and restaurant owner is making it his mission to make sure drivers don't get caught.

Chef Geoff Tracey has launched a campaign to warn people about an unassuming speed camera on Foxhall Road, NW.

His campaign is growing and gaining supporters from those who've been caught by the camera.

Tracy admits to going a few miles over the speed limit. He just thinks the fines are too large and he's telling his customers and everyone who will listen.

Jerry Dunn has joined the campaign to warn motorists. Dunn spent the day placing signs near the new speed camera.

A lot of people don't know the speed limit is 25 miles per hour and they think the cameras are a backhanded way to raise money that is somewhat unfair

The Foxhall camera is one of nine new speed cameras the city has put in recently. And motorists complain that you can easily drive by and not know they are there until you get a speeding ticket.

"This is about traffic safety, but it's also about revenue generation," says John Townsend, of AAA-Mid Atlantic. "When you bring in 40 million dollars
then there is a greater incentive to produce more locations that bring in more revenue."

Townsend says he would like to see the city depend less on cameras and more on old-fashioned police officer enforcement.

As for Geoff Tracy, his campaign to shed light on the Foxhall speed camera continues and he says it will grow.

"The point is we're trying to get people to slow down and not learn the lesson $150 at a time," he says.

The nine new cameras are in the following locations:
•1900 block of Foxhall Road NW, north and southbound directions

•2800 block of Calvert Street NW, eastbound

•2300 block of Connecticut Avenue NW, southbound

•100 block of Florida Avenue NW, east and westbound

•4200 block of South Capitol SW, southbound

•2300 block of Porter Street NW, east and westbound

•Canal Road NW .3 miles south of Arizona Avenue NW, north and southbound

•DC-295 NE at Benning Road overpass, northbound

•DC-295 SW .7 miles south of Exit 1, north and southbound

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