Caught on camera: Snow plow takes out mailbox in Silver Spring

    Caught on camera: Snow plow takes out mailbox in Silver Spring. (Photo: Heather Graf, ABC7)

    For the most part, snow plows across the region did a great job keeping streets clear during Wednesday’s blast of winter weather. Unfortunately, one of the plows got a little too close for comfort in Silver Spring.

    “My youngest son said to me, mommy, I think there’s a package out by the side of the street,” said homeowner Tonya Broughton. “And I said a package? Why would there be a package on the side of the road? And so I looked out and said ‘oh my goodness, that’s our mailbox, what happened’?”

    That discovery led Broughton to check the footage from her home’s outdoor surveillance system. She was stunned to see the video showed a snow plow knocking down her mailbox.

    “I was able to pinpoint the exact time when we saw snow plows going down the street,” she said. “And in rapid succession, one went by, a second went by, and a third went by, and off went out mailbox.”

    A short time later, Broughton took her kids sledding in the neighborhood. That’s when she noticed several other mailboxes on New Hampshire Avenue had met the same fate.

    She shot video on her cell phone that shows the damaged mailboxes at various churches and homes in her neighborhood. Broughton says she believes she saw at least ten mailboxes that had been knocked down.

    “I mean one or two may have been an accident, but when you see four, five, six in a straight path, come on,” said John Broughton.

    At first, the Broughtons thought it might be a plow operated by Montgomery County.

    But when ABC 7 reached out to the Maryland State Highway Administration, a spokesperson confirmed that New Hampshire Avenue is a state maintained road. She admitted that plows do sometimes accidentally knock down mailboxes, but said it’s not something that happens every time it snows.

    Impacted homeowners should go to MDSHA’s website and fill out a service request form, regarding their damaged mailbox. If one of MDSHA’s plows is to blame, a spokesperson said the agency would replace the mailbox.

    “We’ve never had any issues with snow plows or this happening before, even with large amounts of accumulation,” said Broughton. “And we want to get our mail. I don’t think the mail is going to get in the box if it’s sitting on the ground. So it’s a postal service issue as well!”

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