Casey Cares foundation gives sickle cell teen a day of happiness with the Terps

Since birth, Eddllyn Mactavious has been in and out of hospitals and shuffled from doctor to doctor.

The 13-year-old girl suffers from sickle cell, a hereditary blood disorder that causes the body's red blood cells to become rigid and block capillaries.

As a result, suffers often experience bouts of pain called crises.

"When she's in pain, in crisis, we all suffer with her," Olga Mactavious, Eddlyn's mother said.

Treatment of the disease involves blood transfusions and new drugs that help the body produce healthy red blood cells.

But on Friday, the teen and her family got a break from her sickle treatments, transfusions and doctor visits, thanks to the Casey Cares Foundation.

The nonprofit arranged for her to attend Friday's University of Maryland Terps exhibition game along with a meet-and-greet with the players.

"Being in the hospital gives you the sense that you're sick, but out in the fresh air, the life force the earth gives you, it keeps you healthy," Edbert Mactavious, Eddlyn's brother said.

Eddlyn Mactavious said just being out at the game{ } takes her mind off being sick.

"It feels great not being in the hospital. I feel like a normal kid, like everybody else," Eddlyn Mactavious said.

Eddlyn's mother and father, who is also called Edbert, hope they will soon be able to help their daughter through a new program that will allow them to donate their healthy bone marrow to her.

But that's all on the back burner, at least for one night.

"That's good, that's good. A little getaway, a little get out, is quite good," the elder Edbert Mactavious said.

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