Cancer survivor displaced after ceiling collapses in Southeast DC

Cancer survivor displaced after ceiling collapses in Southeast DC (ABC7)

Neighbors comforted Marion Maddox, who was in tears as she walked out of her apartment building on Alabama Avenue, SE, Wednesday evening.

This comes after her ceiling collapsed on Tuesday.

“I heard a loud crack and in the middle of the ceiling, it went all the way down,” said Maddox.

Now, she’s left with dust and debris in her living room.

She wears a mask, due to her health problems.

“I have asthma. I’m a diabetic, cancer survivor, been living here for 14 years," she said.

Her bathroom also has a similar ceiling issue.

“If I’m sitting on the toilet, pee from upstairs is coming on top of my head,” said Maddox.

We reached out several times to her landlord, who she says is AJ Edwards.

So far, he has not responded to our calls.

Maddox says he agreed to pay for a hotel for one night, but she doesn’t know where she’ll go in the days ahead.

“I think that this is insane. I think that Mr. Edwards should be ashamed of himself,” said ANC Commissioner Joseph Johnson.

Johnson says he has also tried reaching Edwards.

“I have been in correspondence with Mr. Edwards in many ways, e-mails, certified letters to his office, even sending certified letters to his home address,” said Johnson. “The way that he do things is kind of like ‘I don’t care’.”

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