Cancer Support Community honors Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner for ongoing legacy

Gilda Radner, left, and Gene Wilder are shown in character during filming of the comedy movie "Traces" in Boston, Ma., Aug. 27, 1981. (AP Photo/W. Polo)

For workers at the Cancer Support Community in DC, news of Gene Wilder’s death hit close to home.

“Gene Wilder is a big part of our history, a big part of our continued legacy,” said Emily Martin, Director of Communications with the Cancer Support Community. “It was a sad day yesterday.”

Martin says, in part because of Wilder’s commitment, their group is able to help so many.

“It was his wife, Gilda Radner’s, dying wish that no one should have to face cancer alone,” Martin said.

After Radner’s death, the comedian helped start “Gilda’s Club,” which, Martin says, merged with the Cancer Support Community in 2009. They offer patients social and emotional support. Martin says Wilder is an honorary board member.

“It’s so important, I think, to remember our history and to really look back at it and keep it part of our mission and part of who we are and where we are headed,” Martin said.

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