CALVERT 9: Life after addiction

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Viral videos like the ones of the doped up Ohio couple with a child in the back seat or a Pennsylvania commuter overdosed on a bus are what some argue create a stigma against the so-called suburban junkie.

The reality is that 175 people are dying from opioid abuse daily nationwide. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the rate of deadly overdoses has skyrocketed an average of 88 percent each year since 2013.

But this is the other side. These nine Calvert County residents are alive and well after falling into the world of illicit drugs. They faced death, turned to Methadone and climbed out of hell. Now they are once again feeling like members of a community they never thought they would see again.

Maryland recently started its chapter of NAMA, which stands for the National Alliance for Medication-Assisted Recovery.

Justine Maas, a Certified methadone advocate and head of the chapter, says it started as a result of treatment myths and misconceptions.

This year, Maryland will set aside more than $22 million, with most of it going to 24 Maryland facilities and service providers working on prevention and treatment.

These survivors understand their story has not concluded yet, but they are just glad to be writing a new chapter.


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