Community in shock after 3 killed in Brookeville neighborhood

Community in shock after 3 killed in Brookeville neighborhood (ABC7)

On Tuesday, Empire Café, at the corner of Georgia Avenue and New Hampshire Avenue, served a steady flow of customers.

“Everyone who comes here is like local,” said Soheil Bagheri, whose father owns the shop.

He says on Monday, police cars, fire trucks, and first responders swarmed the area nearby.

“It honestly looked like military cop cars,” he said, pointing out the window. “I’ve never seen so many cop cars in a small area.”

On Monday afternoon, police say three people were shot and killed inside a Brookeville home. It happened not far from the café.

“This area, never really stuff like this happens,” Bagheri said. “It literally felt like a movie.”

George Arthur Willson, who owns a farm in Woodbine, Maryland, says he was working on a farm just behind where it all happened on Monday.

“Some horses ran by in a paddock right beside that building and when I saw their legs kind of galloping, I thought it could be a person and I thought, ‘Good God! I better hide!’” Willson said.

Police were back in the neighborhood on Tuesday.

“It’s a very, very sad thing,” a neighbor said. “And just to know when I’m walking out today and I can see things, you know, it’s emotionally disturbing.”

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