Bride, groom climb Seneca Rocks peak in full wedding outfits

Marriage is all peaks and valleys, and one local couple wanted to make sure they started their marriage on a very high note.

They got married on a West Virginia mountain peak, 90 stories up. And the bride and groom climbed in their full wedding attire.

Bob and Antonie Ewing are back on terra firma in Arlington, but in many ways still on cloud nine. And you can't blame them when you consider where they tied the knot two weeks ago - at the top of Seneca Rocks in West Virginia, 900 feet in the air.

"I think I'm still wracking my brain around it," Antonie Hodge Ewing says. "Its just something that we did."

What they did was an eight-hour climb to the altar. And no one can recall anyone else doing the climb and the wedding in tuxedo and wedding dress.

Bob and Antonie are avid rock climbers, who got engaged at the mountain's peak this spring. And it was her idea for the mountain top nuptials.

But that didn't stop Antonie from having some angst along the way.

"So a lot of times, I'm like, 'Am I gonna fall?' and I'd ask Rob, 'Is this okay?' and he'd say, 'Yes, just climb.'"

Antonie wore her mother's wedding dress. And it was admittedly smelly and sweaty by the time, she made the summit.

With the groom's brother perched on top of a nearby summit to capture the moment, and another brother officiating, they became husband and wife.

Their wedding album has gone viral, and they have quite a tale to tell their kids. People like fun wedding stories...

As for kids, they're already flirting with the idea of what a mountain-top delivery might be like.

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