Brewery raises controversy with promo aimed at Marion Barry's drug past

Marion Barry and many of his supporters appear to be "cracked up" over a controversial ad.

A Maryland brewery came up with an ad that pokes fun at Barry's history with drugs.

And it was scheduled to be used to promote a beer at an Adams Morgan bar.

The Colorado-based beer company behind the ad has a reputation for being edgy.

But tonight from Adams Morgan to Anacostia, D.C. residents told us that ad was a bit over the edge.

The controversial ad was to promote one of the Flying Dog Beer Company's brews now available in D.C. in cans.

It had a picture of D.C. Councilman Marion Barry and the caption "Crack one open D.C."--a reference to Mr. Barry's past drug problems.

By phone, the CEO of the brewery told ABC 7 the company meant no harm. They had thought the ad was amusing.

But at the Uniontown Bar and Grill in Ward 8, Mr. Barry's constituents were not laughing.

The ad wasn't very popular either at the Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Adams Morgan where the launch party will be held.

Bar patrons we talked to said the company should have known better.

The company's CEO says they have dropped it, after a request from Mr. Barry's lawyer who said the brewery had no right to use Mr. Barry's image without his permission.

No one we talked to told us they would stop drinking Flying Dog beer.

And the launch party is still set to go on tomorrow afternoon. at 2 at the Jack Rose Dining Saloon.

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